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Typing Speed Test For Phones

Test your typing speed on your phone or mobile devices.

hey this is a phone typing test where you can test your typing speed on your iphone android or other mobile device like a tablet and now for some phonespeak lol omg thanks crazy wow brb call me ok ttyl lmao come over see you later text me nite gotta go can u see me hey hows it going where were u can you hear me are u gettin my texts she is so dum see u at skool I have to ask my parents lets hang out i am using both thumbs to type this but I could just use only one thumb cuz my screen is small on my iphone how do you type on such a small keyboard silly
1:00   Practice Test

You are in TEST MODE

Timer starts when you begin typing. Press spacebar to go to next word. Punctuation counts!

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*** WPM is calculated with the forumla: (correct keystrokes / average word length) / 1 minute.

*** Words Correct is actual number of correct words typed.

Test your typing speed on your phone

Show off your thumb typing speed to your friends and family with this fun mobile phone typing test. Test your speed and accuracy. The words are all lower case. Press SPACEBAR to advance to next word. There are no punctuation or other symbols. Don't for get to practice first!

For best results turn your phone in portrait direction not landscape. You may have to scroll the screen a bit to get the word box and typing area to where you can see them both at the same time.

No Cheating! - Taking this test on a device that is not considered a phone or mobile device will have the results tagged as such.

My Typing Speed
Words Per Minute  (average)
Words correct
Words wrong
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