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Bottom Row Typing Test

Test your typing skills on the bottom row keys.

z z zz zzz zzz x xx xxx c cc ccc v v vvv b b bbb n nn nnn m m mmm , , ,, ,, . .. .. .. / / /// zz xx cc nm mx .x ,x / m ,m /c/v mv mv nb nb nbnvmc cx vz mz .,m mmm mmm ., mb mbn cv mc bn bv c cc cv cm xxxm mmx ccm ...b ...c ///x xzxc mnb bnv x . . mmbvvb xc vb bn nmnm nc mz xm ,n ,,, , n.x z.n zz nn mm b c cc bb x m z xx zz mm // n/ /m m/ v b c cc v vv b bb bn vbn cxz zxcv bnm ,mnb zx cv vb bn nm, ... bn cvb zxc cvb bn nm mn nbv bvc vcx zxc bnmzxc xcv vbn bnm >< ?>< ZX CV NBNM < ? > < M N BVCXZ Z ZZ X XX C VV BB NN MM << >> ?? MN MB MV VC MX ZXCV BN M B BB BBB N NN NNN M MMM M X XX XXX C CC V VV N NN M
1:00   Practice Test

You are in TEST MODE

Timer starts when you begin typing. Press spacebar to go to next word. Punctuation counts!

Restart Test

*** WPM is calculated with the forumla: (correct keystrokes / average word length) / 1 minute.

*** Words Correct is actual number of correct words typed.

Test your typing speed with bottom row letters

Test your typing speed on the bottom row letter keys of your keyboard in this one minute typing test. Use practice mode to increase your accuracy!

My Typing Speed
Words Per Minute  (average)
Words correct
Words wrong
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